Cabinet Refacing

Nu-Face Home Improvement, LLC in Southington uses high quality, wood materials for cabinet refacing as well as the more common thermofoil option. Your newly refaced surfaces will make all of your kitchen cabinets look new without anyone even knowing and at a much lower price than new cabinet installations.


How Cabinet Refacing Works

Our team at Nu-Face Home Improvements takes the time to custom reface existing cabinets with either wood door replacements or thermofoil. This allows us to ensure that your cabinets remain uniform and pair nicely with your existing kitchen decor. 


Refacing Vs. Replacing

At Nu-Face Home Improvements, we know just how pricey a kitchen remodel can be. If you’re looking for a small update that will leave a big impact, upgrading your cabinets is definitely the way to go. However, new cabinets are pretty costly, which is why many homeowners opt for cabinet refacing. At less than half the cost of replacement, refacing is quicker, easier and can give you the updated long lasting results you’re looking for.

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How To Tell If Your Cabinets Can Be Refaced

IMG_0387Cabinets that are structurally sound, i.e. aren’t cracked, broken, warped, or have water damage are good candidates for refacing. As long as your cabinets are in good shape we can provide the refacing services you need to modernize your kitchen!

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